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Artforum is the magazine of record for the contemporary art world and holds the unique roles of institution and foremost tastemaker of the industry. Established in 1962, it is often the first to identify artists whose work comes to define eras, delivering the highest level of critical discourse to an international audience. Artforum’s artists’ projects, reviews, and critical essays on contemporary visual culture including coverage of film, music, architecture, performance, and media provide rigorous, diverse, and provocative perspectives on cultural trends of our time.


danielle mcconnell

Danielle McConnell

    Danielle is the Publisher of Artforum where she has worked since 1994. In her current role, she leads all publishing initiatives for the brand with oversight of strategic planning for revenue generation including leading the international advertising sales team and circulation departments, as well as guiding content development.

    Danielle graduated in 1987 from London University, Westfield College, with a major in Art History. She worked in contemporary galleries in Chicago from 1987-89 and in London from 1989-1991. She was also a freelance publicist working with artists, museums and galleries from 1991-1994, during which time she became the London-based agent for Artforum which led her to move to New York in 1994 working full time for the brand.
    kate koza

    Kate Koza

    Associate Publisher
      As Associate Publisher of Artforum, Kate manages operational strategy across the breadth of Artforum’s departments and oversees museum and institutional sales. Since joining Artforum in 2014, her roles have spanned communications and legal strategy, digital growth initiatives, and programmatic partnerships.

      Prior to joining Artforum, Kate worked across the public sector, holding positions bridging programming, editorial, and communications with the New-York Historical Society, the U.S. Senate, the Smithsonian, and the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art.

      Kate graduated summa cum laude with bachelor’s degrees in journalism, political science, and art history from the University of Miami and holds a master’s degree in public relations and strategic communication from Georgetown University. She continues to nurture her love of history and community organizing via volunteer roles with the Center for Brooklyn History at the Brooklyn Public Library, national and local campaigns, and initiatives focused on increasing access to and engagement with parks and public spaces throughout New York City.
      david velasco

      David Velasco

        David Velasco is the Editor of Artforum, where he has worked since 2005. In his current role, he leads all editorial initiatives for the brand, spearheading significant issues including “Art & Activism” (May 2019); “The Museum Now” (Summer and September 2021); and the magazine’s sixtieth anniversary volume, “Love Works” (September 2022).

        David holds a bachelor’s degree in anthropology from Reed College (2000) and a master’s in humanities and social thought from New York University (2004). He is the editor of Modern Dance, a 2017 series of books on contemporary choreographers published by the Museum of Modern Art, New York. He has written authoritative texts on a wide range of artists, including Sarah Michelson, Adrian Piper, and David Wojnarowicz, and championed the careers of numerous artists and writers. In 2017, he helped the artist Nan Goldin establish the activist group P.A.I.N., chronicled in Laura Poitras’s Academy Award–nominated documentary All the Beauty and the Bloodshed (2022).
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