BOOK REPORT CHARTS recently published art books. Among these six new titles, a number accompany exhibitions of work by African American artists including Norman Lewis, Kerry James Marshall, and Mickalene Thomas. A scholarly study investigates the life and work of early 20th century painter Horace Pippin.


horace pippin cover - suffering and sunset

“Suffering and Sunset: World War I in the Art and Life of Horace Pippin” by Celeste-Marie Bernier (Temple University Press, 552 pages). | Published November 2015 hardcover

Suffering and Sunset: World War I in the Art and Life of Horace Pippin

This volume is described as the first intellectual history and cultural biography of Pennsylvania-born Horace Pippin (1888-1946), who served in the 369th all-black infantry in World War I until he was wounded, a formative experience that profoundly influenced his life and art.


glenn ligon - encounters

“Glenn Ligon: Encounters and Collisions” by Glenn Ligon, with Francesco Manacorda, Alex Farquharson, and Gregg Bordowitz (Tate, 250 pages). | Published November 2015 paperback

Glenn Ligon: Encounters and Collisions

Glenn Ligon‘s minimalist text paintings, borrow from literature and explore race and social history. The Brooklyn-based artist curated “Encounters and Collisions,” an exhibition that brings together work by 45 major artists with whom he has an intellectual and aesthetic connection, the catalog for which he refers to as an anthology.


norman lewis - procession cover

“Procession: The Art of Norman Lewis,” Edited by Ruth Fine with contributions from Dave Acton, Adrianna Campbell, David C. Driskell, Jacqueline Francis, Helen M. Shannon, and Jeffrey C. Stewart (University of California Press, 288 pages). | Published Nov. 13, 2015, hardcover

“Procession: The Art of Norman Lewis”

This ambitious coffee volume—rife with full-color images of the Norman Lewis’s paintings, which are balanced with rigorous scholarship in the form of essays and extensive new research—accompanies “Procession: The Art of Norman Lewis,” the first major museum retrospective of the abstract painter.


muse - mickalene thomas - photographs cover

“Muse: Mickalene Thomas: Photographs,” by Mickalene Thomas (Aperture, 120 pages).
| Published Nov. 24, 2015, hardcover

Muse: Mickalene Thomas: Photographs

Recognized for her large-scale, rhinestone-embellished paintings of powerful black women and pattern-rich interiors, this volume, produced conjunction with the exhibition “Muse: Mickalene Thomas: Photographs,” gathers the photography of Mickalene Thomas for the first time—portraits, prints and Polaroids—and features a nod to fellow contemporary African American photographers who inspire her.


kerry james marshall - loo see - cover

“Kerry James Marshall: Look See” by Kerry James Marshall, with contributions by Robert Storr and Angela Choon (David Zwirner Books, 112 pages). | Published November 2015 hardcover

Kerry James Marshall: Look See

Published to coincide with Chicago-based Kerry James Marshall‘s first exhibition at David Zwirner Gallery in London, this catalog documents the 14 paintings on view (“the majority of which are portraits of subjects whose disassociated stares suggest the differences between ‘looking’ and ‘seeing'”).


mcarthur bionion - remine cover

“McArthur Binion: Re:Mine” by McArthur Binion, with Lowery Stokes Sims and Franklin Sirmans (Black Dog Publishing, 80 pages). | Published December 2015 hardcover

McArthur Binion: Re:Mine

Produced to coincide with “Re:Mine,” McArthur Binion’s inaugural solo show at Galerie Lelong, this monograph is the first in the artist’s 40-year practice (a blend of Minimalism and personal narrative) and features an interview with Binion conducted by Franklin Sirmans and an essay by Lowery Stokes Sims. CT


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