A NEW CURATORIAL LEADER has emerged at the Amsterdam Museum. Imara Limon was appointed head curator at The Netherlands museum. In the new role, Limon will become a member of the management team.

A curator and art historian, Limon joined the Amsterdam Museum as a curator in 2017 and currently serves as head of conservation. News of her promotion was announced today and is effective July 1.

“We are very pleased with Imara in her new role as head of curation and member of our management team. In recent years she has worked on several innovative and high-profile projects, through which she has enriched our museum and the museum field as a whole. This is why, years ago, she was named Museum Talent of the year (2017),” Judikje Kiers, director of the Amsterdam Museum, said in a statement.

Kiers added: “In the coming period, together with Limon and the rest of our team, we will continue the artistic course we have set out in our Business Plan 2025–2028. The focus remains the polyvocal programming of Amsterdam narratives, often in co-creation with communities in the city.”

Imara Limon “has enriched our museum and the museum field as a whole. This is why, years ago, she was named Museum Talent of the year.”
— Amsterdam Museum Director Judikje Kiers

The Amsterdam Museum building in the city’s historic city center is undergoing a major renovation expected to be completed in 2028. In the meantime, the official city museum of Amsterdam is presenting exhibitions and programming at Amstel 51, including “Manahahtáanung or New Amsterdam? The Indigenous Story Behind New York.” Limon organized the exhibition, which is on view through Nov. 10. In 2025, the show travels to the Museum of the City of New York.

In a statement about her new appointment, Limon said: “With this new role I’m looking forward to making a meaningful contribution to the ongoing evolution of the Amsterdam Museum as a city museum for the future.” CT


IMAGE: Imara Limon. | Photo by Berdi Kramers, Courtesy Amsterdam Museum


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